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UK Based consultancy focusing on elevating your business by understanding your needs and providing solutions that are robust, scalable and effective.

Over the years we have delivered projects specialising in digital transformation, scalable data driven web system and solution support services.


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We will support you from the initial concept of your solution, development and after launch support.

Robust and Secure

All our bespoke solutions are built to scale, built for 24/7 use and penetration tested by an independent 3rd party.​


Whether its 10 users or 10,000 by utilising the best of modern architecture we are able to build all our solutions to scale and meet demand head on.

Time to launch

Software in a matter of weeks not months, without compromising on quality.​

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Let's build a long-term partnership for future successful projects.

Some of the clients we work with...


At Debug Labs, we believe in multi skilled developers, developers who have the mindset to learn and adapt allowing us to hold the technologies in to the perfect solution for you.


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instructors, and innovative fitness programs.

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